Déductions SARL


We work with technology and software development methodology based on business rules written in a formal variant of English (English Controled). Once these rules (management, as well as structural) are written, we obtain executable functional specifications, and there is little code to write. This addresses several recurring problems of Software Engineering and Project Management. We use and develop that 100% Free Software.

From a technological perspective, it is in line with expert systems, inference engines alias, alias management systems like Ilog JRules Business Rules and Drools (BRMS in English). In addition it has the benefits of the Semantic Web and Open Data aliasWeb data (many models and reusable data, semantic interoperability).

From the perspective of Project Management, all practices are respected and enhanced: traceability needed - implementation, independence from the platform, reuse of models, testing and checking the consistency of the model, ...

We practice a humanistic computer, where the culture at large: scientific, industrial, economic, artistic and cognitive and nurtures projects.

All business areas can be treated: science or management, health, transport, energy, legal, ...


consulting, training, modeling, specific developments.


Innovative technologies for software development.